Crush Hour

Crush Hour is a podcast about crushes, feelings, and all that emotional goop. It’s like a never-ending sleepover wherever you go!


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Hello loves!  Today we bring you a short update about our lives and current crushes. Plus we talk about our resolutions for the new year! --- Music:  Every Soul Begins the Same, by Rabble House
February 1, 2019
This episode is a skosh NSFW.  Sheridan is a true delight. She is creative, considerate, and bold in everything that she puts her mind to. She is ALSO a DELIGHT to share fun sexy stories with. Her sto...
October 7, 2018
Good dates are magical. Good dates are brain candy: magical brain candy... So, today on the podcast, I am sharing a good date story from two dear friends of mine.  Though not a perfect substitute for ...
January 22, 2018
Date's are great, but can go horribly wrong.Kathryn and Taylor share their stories of Ice cream, fries, doggos, and dads, in this nail biting episode of Crush Hour. Please, be respectful of the person...
January 21, 2018
Jenny Panush has been in a relationship for 6 years, how did she do that? What's her secret? Do I have a secret big bird fetish? You are legally obligated to listen to this episode to find out. -- Gue...
December 2, 2017
Do you feel a pang of sadness somewhere in your heart? Did a loved one bring your relationship to an untimely end? Do you feel the need to put an end to said relationship? Listen buddy, I've been ther...
November 4, 2017
 Crush Hour is a podcast about crushes, feelings, and all that emotional goop. It's time to laugh, gasp, blush, and feel like you're at a neverending sleepover wherever you go!
October 7, 2017